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The Best Burgers In Wiltshire now serving at The Bear, Marlborough

Join Kitchen Sisters at The Bear in Marlborough to find out what a real burger should taste like.


Good food made from the very best of locally sourced ingredients. It really is as simple as that. Whether it's beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian/vegan, Kitchen Sisters are obsessed with flavour. We don't just cook burgers. We cook them, taste them, tweak them and taste them again. And we don't stop until we've liberated every last mouthful of flavour from everything that goes into our burgers.


Come and join us at Kitchen Sisters and find out what obsession tastes like. And don't just take our word for it, click the link to see why Kitchen Sisters is Wiltshire's highest rated burger restaurant on TripAdvisor...

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Good food made from the very best of ingredients.


We’ve got traditional gourmet beef burgers, handmade from locally sourced, hung for 21 days beef and the best chicken burgers you’ve ever tasted. We also serve our speciality, handmade veggie burgers (suitable for vegans) and our mouth-watering pulled pork special. We’ve even got little servings for the kids.





Too often vegetarians and vegans are an afterthought on a menu. Not at Kitchen Sisters!


We're proud of our veggie burgers and we put every bit as much passion into their creation as we do our meat offerings. Come and try our veggie burgers and find out why vegetarians and vegans are telling us these are the best veggie burgers they've eaten.


That was amazing! I could eat that ten times over!

Annonymous diner

We had the best dinner at Kitchen Sisters.

Was so incredibly delicious - the burgers

were full of flavour and absolutely mouth-watering.


These fries are insane!

Annonymous diner

That was delicious... and I think it's cured my hangover!


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Our Chicken Special is... well, rather special!

If Carlsberg made chicken burgers... they still wouldn't taste as good as a Kitchen Sisters Chicken Burger!


Forget everything you think you know about chicken burgers. The Kitchen Sisters Chicken Special is a flavour experience in a bun.

A proper, grown-up free-range chicken burger that we know you're going to love.


Come and taste how good

chicken can be.

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